09 noviembre 2006

we go 2.0


We go 2.0 It's a pondered decision related to recent facts occured in Tarragona, something about Mr. Hakim Bey, his onthological anarchism and a misunderstood practical application by some amateur artists from our city...
But, what has all that to do with web 2.0? Well, it's all about tagging, folksonomies of art concepts, onthologies and the impossibility to make proper concept families... the unresolved difference between poetical anarchist ideas and sponsorised art practices. This collective, and its partners from the Ideas Association had decided to go forward and step into the abyss by talking english and emerge to a whole new world of unspeakable thingies... Join us.

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Àlex, aka the-english-speaker dijo...

i'll join you, dudes!

to da cousin: I must send you a mail right fuckin' now, as soon as possible. It's been a long time since the last time...and there are loads of news and things to say!

c u